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Azienda Guadagno

Roman craftsmanship, Italian passion

Azienda Guadagno is an ambitious nursery, excelling in Roman craftsmanship and an Italian passion for flowers. The brothers Carmine and Fabio Guadagno are experienced growers who cultivate lilies, hydrangeas and now: peonies. That peonies are ever growing in popularity will not surprise you!

Delivering perfection

In order to meet the demand for perfect peonies, the Guadagno brothers are investing in a modern, qualitative nursery. They are expanding, searching for ways to increase quality and to pamper their flowers as much as possible. They aren’t into automation; they firmly believe in craftsmanship, being quite literally hands on with the flower, as a way of delivering the ultimate quality. Machines and modern equipment, we’ve heard them say, have little to add to nature.

Let flowers be flowers

Instead, the brothers coddle their flowers. Nothing’s too much, if it makes the flowers stronger, better, more beautiful. Special shade nets protect their peonies against the bright Italian sun, plastic tunnels help to deliver certain species earlier in the season. Love, creativity and knowledge enable Azienda Guadagno to grow a truly excellent flower.

The collection

The brothers grow Pink Hawaiian Coral, Coral Charm, Coral Sunset, Odile, Bowl of Cream, Reine Hortense, Command Performance, Madame Claude Tain, with more to come soon.

Sunny future

Guadagno sees a bright future for the peony in Italy. The brothers want to expand the acreage, as soon as possible. The country is extremely suitable, they think, to grow big, bright peonies, with a large yield. More research and experimenting is required, because not every variety of peony thrives equally well in the Italian enviroment. We’ll see which varieties will be the quintessential Italian ones, certainly in part thanks to inventive craftsmen like the Guadagno brothers. We are very proud to work with them, and look forward to the Italian successes of tomorrow!

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