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Your customers deserve the best quality peonies. We offer the greatest availability, the most varieties, directly from the best peony growers.

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As a trader, reseller or wholesaler you know how important it is to have access to the highest quality peonies, from a reliable source, with a proven track record. That’s why you’ll feel right at home with My Peony Society, where we offer the largest selection of peony varieties and species, longer than most thanks to our innovative techniques to extend the peony season, at great volumes and fair prices. Fresh from the fields of our expert growers, ready to impress peony fans all over the world.

The power of perfection

We’re perfectionists. That means we care about the entire production process, from cultivation to harvesting, distribution, sales and promotion. We’re always happy to talk to traders, resellers and wholesalers who want to help us increase our global audience. If you want to join us in spreading the love for the perfect peony, please get in touch with our┬ásales department so we can work out a partnership that works for everyone.

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