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The world's foremost association of expert peony growers, traders, florists and stylists.

In pursuit of perfection

We believe our peonies deserve the greatest care and attention. That is why we carefully control and monitor every step in our production process, from the field to the vase. By optimising our production processes and shipping methods, and paying attention to the smallest details, we can guarantee the highest quality peonies, at reliable volumes, to a broad audience world-wide.

A longer season

Something as beautiful as the peony should be enjoyed for as long as possible. So we make sure our fresh peonies are available as long as possible. With our network of expert growers employing innovative cultivation techniques and modern shipping methods, as well as our partnerships with experienced wholesalers, we offer fresh peonies longer than most. The result: an extended peony season and a greater variety of peonies to be enjoyed year-round.

Bloom guaranteed

We’re perfectionists. Our way of working, combining a genuine passion for peonies with a keen sense of business, has its advantages.¬†Because we work with the world’s greatest peony experts, from experienced growers to ambitious wholesalers, we offer a unique ‘full bloom guarantee’: the assurance of the most beautiful bloom at just the right moment.

Peonies colour your event

Let peonies colour your event! We offer a wide selection of colours and styles, transported all over the world, with ever-increasing availability and quick transport. Combined with the advice of the world’s top-notch stylists My Peony Society has everything you need to make your event stand out.


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