Reach new audiences, grow your business and discover the power of the perfect peony. This is what My Peony Society can do for you.

By growers, for growers

Our society unites expert peony growers, traders, wholesalers, florists and stylists. We’re craftsmen with a keen eye for business, but above all we’re passionate about the perfect peony. As an association we share resources and knowledge, research new technologies and innovate. Together we cultivate the highest quality peonies, for fans all over the world.

A shared mission

We’re on shared mission: cultivating the best peony flowers to be enjoyed by a world wide audience. It’s a mission that requires passion, dedication and business know-how. Only by working together we, as growers, will be able to reach our goals.

An exclusive society of perfectionists

If you meet our – high – standards, we need your help in growing more spectacular peonies. We’re always looking for growers with a penchant for perfect, high quality peonies, of any and all varieties and species. We operate on a global scale, so whether you’re from Andijk or Chile, we’ll be happy to connect you with our network of growers, traders, florists and stylists.

Let’s get in touch, and we’ll discuss what My Peony Society can do for you.

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