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Firm white flower with soft lilac heart

Odile is a peony full of life: the buds of this flower become big, firm flowers. These white flowers have a lilac heart and fit perfectly at weddings and events.


Odile, a so-called ‘big white’, is the earliest peony in her segment. Her flowers are full like roses. The hearts of the flower are lilac colored.

Odile: strongly growing flower

Odile is legendary because of her productivity and flowering power. As a result, her flowers get enormous. Her stems also reach an unique length: sometimes up to 80 centimeters. Her size is the reason why this peony looks spectacular at weddings and events, for example as festive decoration in a vase. You can find this peony in Mediterranean countries: France, Spain and Italy.

Strong comeback

Odile is a peony that often got harvested too early, hence the flower opened up pretty bad. Such a pity, because this flower is insanely beautiful. Luckily this flower has made its comeback and has never been represented so strongly in our assortment.


Odile is an all-time classic from the French era. Doriat found and registered her in 1928. Doriat has also discovered Madame Claude Tain, a snow white peony. Since her comeback, she has gained immense popularity among peony fans.


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