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Command Performance

Peek into the future

Take a peek into the future of peonies with Command Performance. This modern peony variety has 20 cm wide flowers that change in colour every day and has a vase life of a whopping two weeks.

Command Performance

Readily available

Command Performance is a hybrid peony that’s available on the market throughout most of the season. The full-petalled flowers are among the largest of all peony varieties. It starts out red, but turns brighter during blooming. After two days of blooming, Command Performance shifts its colour from red to dark orange to salmon. Eventually it will turn from peach to cream to white. This wonderful metamorphosis has earned Command Performance the nickname gobstopper.


This peony variety was registered in 1996 by Don Hollingsworth and is a seedling of Lorelei, another well-known peony variety in our assortment.


Growing Command Performance peony

Command Performance might leave a poor first impression as the buds aren’t particularly nice to look at. But first appearances can be deceiving and that’s especially true in this case. The bulky buds transform into big, beautiful flowers that treat you to a spectacular transformation of colours. Highly recommended!

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