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Seductive colours

Lorelei might be the most beautiful colour changing peony of them all. Its transformation is truly magnificent to behold. The buds start out cerise coloured with a hint of orange. That orange hint will slowly, but surely take over as Lorelei starts to bloom. Eventually this orange colour wil fade to apricot, pink and cream. An incredible spectacle, just as seductive as the Lorelei itself!



The variety is a sibling of Many Happy Returns and Command Performance and that’s very noticeable in both the shape of the flowers and colour transformation. The bomb-shaped flowers are mid-sized (up to 15 cm), full-petalled. They have a sharp, spicy fragrance that reminds us of herbs.


Lorelei was registered in 1996 by Don Hollingsworth, a great peony breeder who also bred stalwart favourites like Command Performance, Summerglow, Many Happy Returns and Garden Treasure.


Lorelei in the field

Lorelei has shy, modest buds that might give first-time buyers the wrong impression. But don’t be fooled! Lorelei is anything but boring. Give it a chance to bloom and you will be amazed by its wonderful colour transformation.

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