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Valentine's flowers: peonies that speak of love and appreciation

Valentine's Day
It's almost Valentine's Day! What could be more romantic than celebrating this special day by telling the people you love how much they mean to you? A beautiful way to express these feelings is with the timeless beauty of peonies. These flowers, infused with symbolism and meaning, can serve as the perfect messengers of your love and appreciation. We've compiled a top three peonies for you, hoping that the perfect peony is among them for you.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony: Elegant Love. Sarah Bernhardt, a name synonymous with glamour and refinement, is reflected in the peony bearing her name. Its lush, soft pink petals form a harmonious whole and emit an intoxicating scent of love. As a symbol of timeless romance, the Sarah Bernhardt peony will undoubtedly capture the hearts of both of you.

Sarah Bernhardt

Red Charm Pioen: Passie in Bloei Duik in de diepte van emotie met de Red Charm pioen, een levendige expressie van passie en verlangen. De dieprode bloemblaadjes stralen kracht uit en beloven een liefde die brandend en intens is. Als je een onuitwisbare indruk wilt achterlaten, dan is deze pioen de perfecte metgezel voor een gepassioneerde Valentijnsverklaring.

Red Charm

Duchesse de Nemours’ distinguishes itself with its subtly scented, double flowers that unfold like a tender embrace. Its delicate appearance reflects the gentle nuances of love, while its opulence symbolizes abundant affection. It’s as if this peony has been cultivated to capture the essence of romance, making it an ideal companion for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Duchesse De Nemours

Valentine’s Day is not only an occasion to celebrate romantic love but also an opportunity to show appreciation and affection to friends, family, and loved ones. Let the enchanting peonies serve as your silent messengers of love on this special day, making Valentine’s Day a memory that warms the hearts of many.

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