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10 reasons to buy peonies!

What an array of colours, scents and shapes. Early summer is the time to enjoy the most beautiful peonies, in so many varieties! Luckily, there are plenty of reasons to buy peonies… again and again.

1. Brighten your home

From soft yellow to deep dark red. A bouquet of peonies will bring instant colour to your home. And what about the varieties that change colour? You won’t be able to take your eyes off them!

2. Wedding plans

A wedding is always a wonderful occasion. Let sweet-smelling peonies add sparkle to your wedding bouquet, (wrist) corsages and party venue decorations. So romantic.

3. Bring a smile to someone’s face

Peonies bring real happiness. Give a beautiful bouquet as a gift to someone who could use a helping hand. Guaranteed to create a big smile.

4. Renewed energy

Flowers can influence your mood. Choose radiant red flowers to bring you renewed energy. Or how about radiant white for that zen feeling.

5. As a symbol of love

The peony is a symbol of love and happiness. Perfect for a tender (bridal) bouquet. And less joyous, but equally precious: you can create the most wonderful funeral arrangements with peonies.

6. A baby

Visiting a new mum? Bring a radiant bouquet with you. With vase of course, so that the new parents don’t have to worry about arranging them!

7. Something to celebrate

A celebration calls for flowers, lots of flowers. Combine peonies with wildflowers- perfect for a garden party. Beautiful!

8. Bring atmosphere to the office

Flowers help you to relax while you work. Brighten up your workplace or home office with the most beautiful seasonal flowers.

9. You passed!

Passed all your exams with flying colours? That deserves a beautiful bouquet full of bright colours in different shades of pink, orange or red.

10. Treat yourself

Don’t forget yourself. A beautiful bunch of peonies in your favourite colour and fragrance. Pure indulgence.

Have you bought or received some beautiful peonies? Share them on Instagram #mypeonysociety.

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