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White, whiter, whitest: the most beautiful peonies for a fresh start

Look at them shine. White peonies have the power to make you happy. They give you renewed energy. Perfect for a fresh start!

White is…

The colour white symbolises simplicity, purity, space and a new beginning. Fresh white flowers are also the latest flower trend. This invites us to make contemporary bouquets with fresh white peonies: perfect as a gift for a new house or a new job. Or as motivation for yourself to bring long-forgotten plans to life: time for a fresh start.

Which one will it be?

The snow-white Duchesse de Nemours is considered the ultimate white peony. But Bowl of Cream is also a radiant white flower and no less special. And then we have Madame Claude Tain, renowned for its purest white colour. If you like creamy white, then Vanilla Schnapps and Mother’s Choice are a good choice.

Tip for brides-to-be who love white flowers: talk to your floral stylist about using beautiful white peonies in your bridal bouquet. You can make your choice based on the different shades of white, as well as on scent and appearance: from minimalist to bohemian.

White & spring green

You can accentuate the fresh look of white flowers with a colour accent. Imagine spring bouquets full of white peonies combined with fresh spring greenery, such as snowball (Viburnum). White with a hint of soft pink looks very romantic. You can also use white peonies to add accents of light in a dark red peony bouquet, giving the whole thing a mystical look. White peonies are so versatile; mix and match to your heart’s content to explore all the possibilities!

We have no fewer than 40 white peonies, and you can find them all here.

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