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Plenty of peonies: to enjoy for a long time!

It's high season! From mid-May, there will be plenty of peonies appearing in the fields. So many beautiful colours, flower shapes and scents. You want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Here are our five best care tips and some great styling suggestions.

Peonies bought or received?

If you follow these top five care tips, you can enjoy these beautiful flowers for a long time.

1. Choose a large vase so the flowers have room to unfurl. The flowers can increase in size quite dramatically, particularly the double-flowered varieties.
2. Fill the (clean!) vase with water and flower food.
3. Cut the flower stems diagonally with a sharp, clean knife (not scissors). Remove the lower leaves too; no leaves should be left in the water. Then loosely arrange the flowers in the vase.
4. Change the vase water regularly – preferably daily. Add flower food again and cut off a little of the stems each time.
5. Are the flower buds not opening? Try sprinkling them with lukewarm water. Even better: buy peonies with buds that are slightly open. Then they’ll be sure to unfurl!

Styling, with a difference

A bouquet of peonies is always beautiful, but sometimes you want something different. Awaken your inner stylist! Choose peonies in different shades and arrange them together in a collection of small vases. Each flower will be displayed to its fullest. Also nice: put a single, very large fragrant peony in a vase on your desk.

Pure enjoyment!

Do you have your own fun styling suggestions for peonies? Share them on Instagram with #mypeonysociety. For more styling ideas and colour inspiration, check out our socials: and

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