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Piet Groot Flower Bulbs: Where Passion for Peonies Blooms

Piet Groot Flower Bulbs: Where Passion for Peonies Blooms

Piet Groot

In the picturesque village of Hem, located in North Holland, you will find the renowned nursery Piet Groot Flower Bulbs. Here, amidst beautiful flower fields, Piet Groot has brought his passion for flower bulbs to life. With a rich history in the cultivation of tulips and lilies, Piet made the decision about 13 years ago to embark on a new path and shift his focus to peonies—an choice he has never regretted.Peonies proved to be a fantastic product that immediately captivated Piet’s heart. Tulips took a backseat as he wholeheartedly devoted himself to growing peonies. In this family business, Piet is supported by his wife Linda, and their four children have always contributed their share in the past.

Piet cultivates all his peonies in the open air, spread over an area of 4 to 5 hectares, exclusively for the cut flower industry. With a wide range of early-blooming to late-blooming varieties, he ensures a beautiful distribution of flowers throughout the season. This approach allows Piet to carefully select his peonies at the time of harvesting. Rather than cutting everything at once, he goes through the fields multiple times, harvesting only the ripe peonies. While this may incur slightly higher cutting costs, Piet firmly stands behind this method. He believes that this way, his products will be at their best when they open up.

Peony field

When it comes to bunching the peonies, Piet pays great attention to sorting. Quality is of utmost importance to him, and he strives to deliver uniform bunches. This means that every bunch of peonies leaving the nursery is a beautiful representation of the craftsmanship and dedication that Piet and his team put into each flower.

The assortment of Piet Groot Flower Bulbs encompasses a wide range of peonies. Some of the varieties they cultivate include Roselette, Claire de Lune, Paula Fay, Red Grace, Moonrise, Anima, Miss America, Duchesse de Nemours, Alexander Fleming, Etched Salmon, Reine Hortense, Honey Gold, Sarah Bernhardt, Jacorma, and Ivory Victory. Each of these varieties has its own unique characteristics, colors, and blooming times, providing Piet’s customers with ample choices to meet their needs and preferences.

At Piet Groot Flower Bulbs, everything revolves around quality, craftsmanship, and sharing the beauty of peonies with others.

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