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The power of peonies

In uncertain times we take a look at how peonies can help us feel better.

As large parts of the world are struck by the Corona virus, we wish everyone health and wisdom in these taxing times. We can all do with some good news. So let’s check out three ways in which peonies can help you feel better and improve your emotional health!

1. Feel better

Peonies are absolutely guaranteed to make you feel better. Researchers proved flowers are responsible for positive emotions: they trigger happy feelings, heighten satisfaction and affect social behaviour. And we agree. Our favourite flowers certainly help us keep a positive vibe when we need it most.


Many Happy Returns in the field

2. De-stress

Researchers from Kansas State University found that people who recovered from abdominal surgery in rooms with plants actually experienced lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, less anxiety and more positive feelings about their recovery than patiens who had to do without.


3. Stay focused

Plants and cut flowers may help you concentrate and perform creative tasks. There hasn’t been research into the restorative effects of peonies specifically, but plants in general improve productivity and inspire your best work.


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