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Floral designer Katya Hutter: “Coral Sunset surprises me every time”

Katya Hutter works as a floral designer out of Amsterdam. Her style is opulent, romantic and surprising. So it's no surprise that she likes to work with peonies like Coral Sunset. “I love their decorative look and the fringed heart. And then they also change colour!”

Did you use peonies a lot during the recent wedding season?

At the start of the season I was lucky enough to work with hundreds of beautiful white peonies – Bridal Shower – at Chateau de Villette near Paris. I created luxuriant arrangements (for on the table and at the
ceremony) in a modern mono look, with almost entirely peonies and a few white alliums. Brides have always loved peonies. Sometimes I also get requests outside the peony season. I know that My Peony Society imports peonies from different parts of the world, so if a couple really want peonies for their wedding, I can make that happen.

Which peony is your favourite?

I love Coral Sunset peonies, for their decorative look and the fringed heart. And then they also change colour. I love to see them transform into a warm shade of peach as the flowers open further. They surprise me with that every time. And that scent: so powdery, sweet and sensual. Irresistible!

What are the trends for the forthcoming wedding season?

Blue is the new pink in bridal fashion. So I expect to be working with shades of blue more. I’m also thinking of asymmetrical looks, transparent fabrics and romantic ballgowns. At the same time you’re also seeing the opposite: modern outfits and dramatic extravagant shapes. Trends diverge like that. The challenge for me is to create an appropriate floral design for different brides. Personally I like to work in garden style. My customers appreciate the romantic look. I think that this will continue to be on-trend, just like the mono look: large volumes of a single type of flower. Luckily peonies are fabulous flowers both for floral work in the romantic garden style and for a modern mono look.

Floral design by Katya Hutter Floral Design
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Photography by Divine Day Photography
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