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Peony growers with a winning attitude

“From the heart, and with passion!” That’s the credo of Theo and Cees Klaver from Heerhugowaard. The Klaver brothers are specialized in Calla flowers. They started out with 8000 square meters in 1995. Today, that has expanded a bit…to a whopping 30.000 square meters! The brothers are true professionals. They bred the Calla Highwood variety for example and started cultivating peonies a couple of years ago.

Gebroreders Klaver

Seeing is loving

You might’ve heard it before; seeing a peony, is loving a peony. Like Calla flowers, peonies are exclusive, generous flowers in which the brothers can pour all their ambition and passion. They cultivate a wide range of varieties: Bowl of Cream, Etched Salmon, Eden Temptation, Henry Bockstoce, Ivory Victory and Pastelegance are just a few of the many. Almost all peonies at Klaver are cultivated in greenhouses, which means they can be shipped earlier and are free of any blemishes.

Peony season

The peonies are cultivated in greenhouses so they have more room to grow, which helps during growing. In addition, Klaver has started with a new venture: cultivating peonies on the open field. Their season starts around the second week of April and runs until the end of May. During that time, the brothers are in full production so they can meet an ever-growing demand.


Theo and Cees have a winners mentality; they want to be the best in what they do and are not afraid to follow their own vision. Nothing will get in the way in their quest to cultivate the very best peonies. We can fully identify with this attitude and are very proud that Klaver and My Peony Society have joined forces!

White peony


Theo en Cees hebben een winners mentality; ze willen het beste zijn in wat ze doen en durven daarin hun eigen visie te volgen. Ze laten zich door niks van de wijs brengen in hun ambitie om voor de állerbeste pioen te gaan! Daar herkennen we onszelf in, en we zijn dan ook hartstikke trots dat de Gebroeders Klaver en My Peony Society elkaar mogen versterken.

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