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Peony growers with a mission

Koen and Astrid Linders are on a mission! They want everyone in the Netherlands to be able to enjoy the most beautiful, fragrant flowers and plants of the world. It looks like they’re

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succeeding: the most wonderful peony varieties are being cultivated at their nursery Flowers Foryouandi in Sint Hubert in the province of North Brabant. And that number is increasing every year!

In the beginning
In 1995, Koen and Astrid started cultivating plants like viburnum, symphoricarpos and Ilex. In 1999 they started with their first peonies. And they liked it! Since then, they have been very busy expanding, learning and innovating. Today, cultivation of a wide variety of peonies is being done on about twelve and a half hectares of land.


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The assortment
Among others, Flowers Foryouandi cultivates Alertie, Coral Sunset, Elsa Sass, Jacorma, Sarah Bernhardt, Duchesse de Nemours, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Red Sarah Bernhardt and Red Charm. Thanks to this wide and colourful variety, Flowers Foryouandi is active throughout the whole season. Due to the southern location of their nursery and the usage of extremely long tunnels, Koen and Astrid are able to deliver even earlier in the season.

Innovative harvesting
Koen is responsible for the complete harvest process; he manages his employees that work on the land and has specialized himself in the so-called Ultra Low Oxygen technique, which enables him to store peonies for a longer time without quality taking a hit. It also means that the peonies of Flowers Foryouandi are longer on the market and production can be spread out. During the busiest time of the year, Koen employs temporary workers and students to get harvesting done on time.

Continue to improve
While Koen is busy harvesting, Astrid ensures that their product is up to snuff and ready for sale. They strive for their peonies to be of the highest quality while also providing excellent service at an acceptable price.

Continual improvement and customization of their production line is key to Koen and Astrid. And their customers couldn’t be happier!

Added value
We sometimes wonder how it’s possible that Flowers Foryouandi keeps improving itself every year. But the facts are there; Koen and Astrid always go the extra mile for their customers. A nursery like Flowers Foryouandi is a fabulous addition to My Peony Society!

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