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Passionate growers with Rotterdam matter-of-factness

Evert Haket has been in the business for more than twenty years. Now, the whole family are working enthusiastically in two nurseries, one in Drenthe and one Bleiswijk. The peonies that are grown in Bleiswijk ship a bit earlier, but the majority of the production is being done in Drenthe.

Rolled-up sleeves

You can witness that Rotterdam matter-of-factness and no-nonsense attitude of the Haket Family on both nurseries; with rolled-up sleeves, a perfect product has to be delivered! It all starts early season with Flame, the official opener of peony season, immediately followed by – among others –  Gardenia, Henry Bockstoce, Red Sarah Bernhardt, Prairie Moon, Coral Charm and Coral Sunset and also exclusive varieties like Old Faithful and Etched Salmon. At full capacity, both nurseries produce a whopping thirty carts a day!

Evert Haket


Evert Haket harvests huge quantities of peonies without compromising on quality. When you buy peonies from Haket, you can be certain of one thing: you’re getting a quality product! And that’s quite the achievement. It’s a big challenge to produce peonies of such uniform quality without the use of greenhouses; every branch is different, with deviations in length, flower size and strength of the stem. It makes cutting and bunching the peonies more difficult and makes perfect sorting a necessity. At Hacket’s, all branches are harvested and sorted by the family themselves and bunched by hand to ensure that only the most perfect peonies will reach the customer.


Evert Haket

New generation

The greatest strength of Evert Haket? His long-term supply of quality peonies. It’s because of this that customers know they can count on Haket. Moreover, it’s a company with a bright future: all children, young and old, are eager to join the family business. It seems that deep love of peonies is in the genes.

Added value

You can understand that we’re looking forward to the future with great confidence and pleasure, and have high expectations of the collaboration between Haket and My Peony Society. An added value to our wonderful profession!

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