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Elegant yellow heart

The Sorbonne peony was named after the building of the former University of Paris. When you take a look at this flower, you know exactly why. This peony possesses the same elegance as the building and is just as impressive. With her pink, almost fuchsia, colour and her yellow heart, she is just gorgeous.


Sorbonne: hybrid peony

The Sorbonne is a so-called ‘hybrid’ peony. Hybrid peonies have big flowers, are often single flowers and are bowl-shaped. The colour palette of this peony is huge: from almost white to bright red. Some hybrid peonies possess a showy and festive yellow heart. Sorbonne is one of them: while in the bud, the flower is light to dark pink. When she opens up, you will notice how enthusiastic she actually is.

Examples of other hybrid peonies are Red Charm, Coral Charm and Athena.

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