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Athena is famous for its copper coloured bud. The flower radiates a mystical glow and does not know his equal when it comes to mystery. Athena is a typical 'hate it or you love it' kind of peony. Her colours made us fall in love with her instantly.


Changing colours

While Athena peonies are still young, they show their magnificent copper colour. In that phase, the two colours of Athena are still merging. Upon opening, the leaves are off-white with beautiful red accents.

Early bloom

Just as many other single-flowered peonies, Athena blooms very early in the season.


Athena is a quadruple crossing that was brought to life in 1955 by Prof. A. P. Saunders.



Athena is an exceptionally exclusive variety that is only available for a very short period. They are an enrichment in every summer bouquet but also a gem in the living room as a stand-alone.

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