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Mister Ed

Two-coloured pink peony

Mister Ed has a special personality: the colour of this peony is never the same. There are very pale pink Mister Ed peonies and flowers that are almost fuchsia. Sometimes both colours are mixed in just one peony! This peony keeps surprising you: outside on the field and in the vase.

Mister Ed


Mister Ed was registered by Roy Klehm in 1980. By that time, this peony had been blossoming for already twenty years. He inherited his fuchsia colour from his father: the Monsieur Jules Elie peony. The Monsieur Jules Elie peony seems pink, but shows a little whiff of white every now and then. Mister Ed is the result of cultivating with exactly that white colour. Because of this, this peony owns beautiful shades of pink that make him a showy flower.

Klehm is the founding father of many peony varieties, such as Bridal Gown and Carl G. Klehm.

On the field and in the vase

This peony blossoms in early and mid-season. That’s when he shows his big, bomb-shaped flowers. This peony is not only suited for fields or gardens but also for in the vase. His strong stems that are about 85 centimetres long, don’t need any support.


Besides his wonderful combination of colours, Mister Ed leaves a sweet and light scent behind.


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