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Inspecteur Lavergne

Crown-shaped red peony

Inspecteur Lavergne possesses an unusual colour: his flowers are crimson-coloured and have a lilac glow. The stems are unique as well: they are brown red. This French peony stands out because of his odd shape: his flower petals are big and lush. The outer flower petals surround a big bomb: a perfect example of a crown-shaped peony.


Inspecteur Lavergne was discovered in 1924 by the French breeder Doriat. Three years prior Doriat discovered the Madame Claude Tain peony. The most famous discovery of this breeder is the award-winning peony Odile.


This peony is robust: the stems are quite strong. As a result, the flowers do not need support. That’s why Inspecteur Lavergne is a perfect cut flower. When you keep this flower in a vase, you can enjoy it for at least two weeks. Outside in gardens or the open field, this flower blossoms for a long time as well: he shows his flowers almost whole season.

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