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Fragrant Bouquet

Fantastic sweet fragrance

The name of Fragrant Bouquet reveals her most special quality: her fragrance. The scent of this peony is sweet and really strong: something that is truly unusual for peonies. Her double white flowers attract many butterflies because of their smell. Combined with her strong stems, this makes her an ideal flower for gardens and open fields. To make things even better: this peony blossoms till late season, so you can enjoy her beauty all season long.


Just like other peonies, Fragrant Bouquet got registered by breeder Klehm. She blossomed for the first time in 1993. She finally got registered in 2000.

Other famous white Klehm peonies are Bridal Gown and Bridal Shower.


Fragrant Bouquet is a completely filled flower. Her beautiful petals are wrinkled in a special way. Because of this, she can look fragile but this flower actually has pretty strong stems and leaves.

When this peony opens up, she is rose-shaped. The central petals are framed by thick, yellow stamens. Those small central petals are the showpiece of the flower: they gain an amazing blush!


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