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Blushing Princess

Feminine, pink peony with a lovely sweet smell

Blushing princess symbolizes love and passion. The sultry shade that descends from the red as seen in the core, radiates calm and serenity.  At the same time, the shade is enchanting. Even the flower shape is as feminine as a flower can be. The flowers are full and filled with leaves that wave like lace. The very pale and pink flower is available early in the season. In addition to the huge flowers, you will get the sweet smell into the bargain.

Blushing Princess


Blushing Princess has three founding fathers. She grew from seed by Professor A.P Saunders, has been bred and reared by Reath in 1991 and registered by Allan Rogers. This peony was refined over and over again until it reached it’s final form today.

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Are you just like us a fan of the types Carnation Bouquet and/or Pink Vanguard? It is nice to mention that Blushing Princess is their mother.

Paeonia Blushing Princess

Tip Blushing Princess

Blushing princess will be introduced in our assortment in the coming years but will still be very exclusive in the years to come. So be alert for them!

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