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The 3 best peonies for Mother's Day

Celebrate the perfect Mother's Day with these dazzling peony varieties! Each one guaranteed to brighten up your day and make the sweetest mother in the world extra proud!

Mother’s Choice

Alright, let’s start with the obvious choice for Mother’s Day: Mother’s Choice! Absolutely stunning, from bud to bloom. The gigantic, ivory-white buds open with a light pink, champagne-colored glow. Enjoy perfectly shaped, completely filled flowers that will make your heart jump. An easy choice for the sweetest mother in the whole wide world.

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Bowl of Cream

The best mother’s day gift you could give your mom is probably a big hug… but honestly: Bowl of Cream is a close second. The unrivaled queen of white peonies. Completely filled, radiant white, a fantastic mood maker and a stunning beauty to behold. The flowers look like cups filled with whipped cream.

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Command Performance

Your mother deserves the absolute best. Don’t try to wing it, simply go for quality. Command Performance is fit for a king (or queen). A bouquet of Command Performance lasts for weeks, the flowers changing colour every day. The buds start out dark red, after which they bloom into a bright red flower. The red changes again from orange to salmon, then becomes lighter and lighter until it finally fades from peach to cream to white. For all magnificent moms out there.

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