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Peonies: pretty in pink

pink peony flowers
From a soft blush to intense pink petals. The colour pink is well-represented in the peony range. Mix & match for a surprising effect!

Pastel power

You can create a fairy-tale atmosphere with peonies in pink pastel shades. Think blush pink, powder pink, shell pink, dusty pink and white with a hint of pink … Peonies in these soft shades are beautiful in floral bouquets, romantic wedding flower arrangements and the sweetest funeral arrangements. If this is a little too sweet for you, add a brighter shade of pink.

Candy pink

Are you having little dip? Then choose peonies in bright pink shades: from fuchsia to candy pink. This will give you renewed energy. The same thing applies to your interior. Painting your walls pink may be stretching things, but a bouquet with bright pink peonies is always welcome. Cool and stylish!

Magical effect

Peonies that are temporarily pink … it sounds strange, but they really exist. These peonies change colour in the vase from pastel pink to very light pink to completely white (Nick Shaylor). Or from orange to pink to cream (Lorelei). This is also called the magical gobstopper effect. Compelling!

Meet all our pink peonies (and enjoy the poetic names such as Angel Cheeks and Pillow Talk).

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