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Flower styling: How to make peonies shine!

Summer means plenty of peonies: so many colours, shapes and scents. Great for styling, indoors and out. Because peonies create a great atmosphere at your garden party too!

Mix & match

So many peonies, that calls for luxurious bouquets! Create a nice mix of different varieties and vary the flower shapes and colours too. Take inspiration from nature. No colour combination is too crazy. Arrange your bouquet loosely in a large glass vase. Give the flowers plenty of space because they will continue to open in the vase. Summer at its best!

Gather up the vases!

Effortless flower styling? Then go for loose flowers. Collect glass vases in all shapes and sizes. Fill with water. Put one or more peonies in each vase. Choose a single colour, shades of the same colour or a colourful mix. You can also add some grasses and flowers from the garden. Place the vases all together on a dish or small table. Tip: also add some fragrant peonies. This creates a feast for the senses.

Flower styling tips for your garden party:

  1. Choose a colour palette in advance – two or three colours – for all the decorations, including the flowers.
  2. Keep old glass jars (e.g. jam jars) and use them as vases. You can also tie a piece of string or wire around them to hang them from the porch or in the branches of a tree.
  3. No need to stress! Your floral creation doesn’t have to be perfect, just think of the charm of a wildflower bouquet you pick yourself.
  4. Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Then you probably want to hire a floral stylist. Create a floral mood board beforehand. For inspiration, take a look at this article: 3 x inspiration for the bride to be.


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