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3 x inspiration for the bride-to-be

Do you dream of a romantic outdoor wedding in the summer? Or maybe even in the spring? Then the peony is the perfect wedding flower! Peonies exude the outdoors atmosphere of the flower field. Utterly romantic! We have selected three beautiful peonies for your spring or summer wedding to inspire you.

Bridal Shower: radiant white

Do you like opulent, white flowers? Then Bridal Shower is a must for you. Each flower consists of countless white petals romantically circled around the centre. With Bridal Shower in your wedding bouquet, you will also enjoy a wonderful floral scent. All day long!

Bridal Shower and other radiant white peonies can be found here.

Sweet Sixteen: soft pink

A scented peony with a blush effect thanks to the soft pink petals with a single white petal in between. That’s Sweet Sixteen, truly eye-catching. The flowers are so big that you only need a few in your wedding bouquet. Incorporate Sweet Sixteen into the flower styling to create a sumptuous and romantic atmosphere. And your guests will also enjoy the wonderful summer floral scent!

Sweet Sixteen and other romantic pink peonies can be found here.

Claire de Lune: sunny yellow

The soft yellow flowers of Claire de Lune are slightly different. The yellow colour yellow is something special, but the shape of the single-flowered peony also catches the eye. The flowers are modest in size and have a gorgeous wildflower appearance. Beautiful in a casual field bouquet!

Claire de Lune and other special yellow peonies can be found here.

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