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Princess Bride

White heart of light petals

Princess Bride is one of Klehm's most early blossoming peonies. The big, white flower petals of this peony surround a big bowl full of loose petals in the heart. Yes, a big bowl: the flowers of this peony can reach a diameter up to 17 centimetres! Despite its size, this peony does not need support: the strong stems carry the buds with ease. This flower deserves a place in the collection of every peony fan, just because of its fragrance.

Princess Bride


Princess Bride got registered by the famous breeder Klehm in 1988. Klehm is the founding father of many great peony varieties. Examples of his creations are Bridal Shower, Bridal Gown and Etched Salmon.

Princess Bride vs Duchesse de Nemours

This peony is a look-a-like of Duchesse de Nemours. Both peonies are white, spread a strong fragrance and have thick, green white buds. However, Duchesse de Nemours has been the most wanted white peony for years. We think Princess Bride could change this in the future.


Due to her strong stems, Princess Bride is a great cut flower. This peony is a fast growing flower that many cut flower growers adore.

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