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Callie’s Memory

Salmon-pink, orange and copper-coloured miracle  

Callie's Memory is a lovely combination of salmon pink, orange and copper. She enchants everyone who deserves a worthy look of her. Though she only lasts four days, she is beautiful at such a level that we take her durability for granted.

Callie's Memory


Callie’s Memory is a relatively young variety. She was registered by Anderson in 1999.

Itoh peony

Callie’s Memory is part of the famous Itoh family. An Itoh is a cross between a tree peony and a lactiflora. As a result, the flower has more trouble absorbing the water once it gets cut off. This also means that they are less durable. Fortunately, we created a new diet consisting of sugars for these flowers. We can now guarantee you a vase life of at least four days. Is the effort worth it? Well, even though she will only bloom for a few days, she will lighten up your house with her beautiful colours.

Another member of the Itoh family is Bartzella.

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