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The all year round peony specialist

Jacob Karsten has peony juice pumping through his veins. As his father Wim once said: “A peony is like opium, you’ll never have enough of it.” That’s why they’re expanding business – they have a wonderful company in the province of North Holland – and are embarking on a new adventure in France, where peony production will commence in 2018.

Perfect chemistry

The peonies of Paeon France are cultivated on ten hectares of land in the Bordeaux region. Jacob grows his peonies in awe of the rugged French nature. Cultivation is done biologically and with use of organic fertilizer, which is benefitting for the soil and the bees.

The assortiment

The assortiment consists of Athena, Mary E. Nicholls, Jacorma, Flame, Coral Sunset, Command Performance, Sarah Bernardt, Duchesse de Nemours, Coral Charm, Miss America, Red Grace, Alertie and The Fawn.

Cutting Sarah Bernhardt at Paeon

Tightly-knit group

Paeon B.V. has been working with the same group of people for years. It’s this tightly-knit group that travels to Paeon France to harvest. Jacob and his team of professionals know exactly when to start cutting – when the peonies are showing colour just before they start to bloom – to yield optimal results: beautiful flowering peonies.

Peony specialist

Jacob is the pre-eminent peony expert and his nursery is active all year round. In early spring, Paeon France is running at full speed. In fall, he specializes in propagating his peonies. Jacob is an expert in the cultivation and harvest of both flowers and plants.

Paeonia the Fawn in full bloom

The result

To sum up, Jaboc Karsten is a real peoneer who dedicates himself to his peonies with all the enthusiasm and passion he can muster, so his customers can enjoy the most extraordinary flowers. And the results really speak for themselves. There’s nothing like walking the fields with Jacob just before harvest to witness the splendid product of reliability, diligence and love for the profession. It’s not for nothing that Jacob is a moving force of My Peony Society!

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