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Three classic peonies

Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt in the field
Growers are always on the lookout for peonies that are just a little bit different. That's great, but let's not forget our classics. These are sometimes more than a hundred years old and still hip & happening. Cherish the classics!

1. Sarah Bernhardt: classic pink

Everyone knows this pink peony. Sarah Bernhardt is by far the most popular peony. This full pink peony was discovered in 1906 by the French breeder Lemoine, who named it after a famous French actress. With Sarah Bernhardt, it is extra important to buy flowers at the right maturity (when the top petal is already gently detaching from the soft flower buds). Then they will give you pleasure for a long time.

Sarah Bernhardt peony

2. Dr Alexander Fleming: intense pink

Think classic pink Sarah Bernhardt, then two shades darker. This is the Dr. Alexander Fleming, the result of a cross between Sarah Bernhardt and Bunker Hill in 1950. We owe this full-petalled peony to a Dutch breeder called Blonk. Dr Alexander Fleming has become a true classic, and its sweet floral scent has certainly contributed to this. Tip: combine the two classics Sarah Bernhardt and Dr. Alexander Fleming in a bouquet for a wow effect!

Dr Alexander Fleming peony

3. Duchesse de Nemours: snow white

Have you seen a bright white peony? Chances are it’s Duchesse de Nemours. This peony variety was discovered in 1856 by the French breeder Calot. Who could have imagined then that Duchesse de Nemours would still be popular many years later? This peony owes its popularity to its snow-white colour – perfect for wedding bouquets! The full-petaled double flowers also diffuse such an intense, pleasant fragrance that you want to put them in a vase right away. They are wonderful next to your bed or in your home office.

Smell peony
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