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These 3 peonies are perfect for Valentine’s Day

Peonies for Valentinesday
Surprise your Valentine with the most beautiful peonies you can get. It’s likely you will struggle to choose from the extensive range on offer… Which is why we are putting the spotlight on three perfect peonies for Valentine’s Day.
Gardenia in Chille

Gardenia: sweet & loving

Looking for a surprising Valentine’s gift that’s bursting with love? Then Gardenia is the perfect peony for you. This opulent peony opens with adorable pink petals. And then it surprises you: as the flower unfolds, it adds petals that are ever paler. The innermost ones are even ivory white. The flowers also give off a delectable sweet fragrance!

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Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt in the field

Sarah Bernhardt: romantic & versatile

Any list of perfect peonies for Valentine’s Day must include Sarah Bernhardt. This classic is particularly popular because of its fabulous pink colour, lovely fragrance and good availability. It is also very versatile. If you combine Sarah with other pink flowers, it will make your Valentine’s bouquet sweet and floral. Total romance! If you prefer something more rugged, opt for a bunch of nothing but Sarah Bernhardt.

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Dr Alexander Fleming peony

Dr. Alexander Fleming: strong & colourful

If you want to make an impression on Valentine’s Day, Dr. Alexander Fleming is an excellent choice. This richly filled peony has an intense pink colour, which means that the flower oozes strength. For a ton sur ton effect combine Dr. Alexander Fleming with the pale pink Sarah Bernhardt. Both peonies have a beautiful sweet fragrance, so your Valentine’s bouquet is guaranteed to be a hit.

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