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These 3 peonies are perfect for Mother's Day

Mother's Day calls for flowers, lots of flowers! From a trendy mono bunch of flowers to extravagant bouquets. What kind of flowers? Peonies, of course, because there are an abundance of varieties to choose from. We highlight three beauties, but you’ll also be amazed to find a fabulous selection at your florists.

Festiva Maxima: white & sweet as spring

A bouquet of Festiva Maxima is a celebration in a vase. The flower buds unfold into sumptuous, rose-shaped flowers, with a sweet scent of spring. The petals are almost white, but not quite: it’s as if they’ve been splashed with fuchsia pink paint. These bright pink colour accents give Festiva Maxima a cool and casual edge. Very surprising!

Coral Sunset: colour changing effect

For an original bouquet, you can also go for Coral Sunset. This strong peony has large flowers: up to 20cm. Something special happens in the vase: the petals change colour from orange to salmon to cream to white. A magical transformation. Coral Sunset is not the only peony to undergo a colour metamorphosis. Ask your florist about colour changing peonies if you want to give these special flowers as a gift.

Alertie: pale pink & luxuriant

A pink peony is always a wonderful choice for Mother’s Day. Alertie is a light pink peony with an energetic appearance. True spring. The fragrant flowers also combine well with other spring flowers. Alertie start to show its sheer power in the vase: the flower buds open in no time. Each flower consists of an unbelievable number of petals. Peonies don’t get more sumptuous than this!

Tip! Let children choose a single peony to give to their mum, bonus mum or grandmother. Beautifully wrapped – with a drawing they made – it’ll be the sweetest gift for Mother’s Day.

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