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The perfect peony for Christmas is red

From table decoration to gift bouquet. For a warm, loving Christmas with a touch of chic, red peonies are the perfect choice.

Christmas styling with peonies

You can create a festive Christmas mood with a touch of glamour in an instant with red peonies. Place small vases with red peonies on the Christmas table, for instance. A large bouquet also looks amazing. Red colour accents always make things very festive. Also place flowers in unexpected places – that’s definitely the flower trend right now. For example, a vase on the windowsill in the kitchen, where you will be spending a lot of time around Christmas. And try going off-piste: place vases with Christmas peonies in the bathroom, bedroom and the hall.

Christmas peony

Christmas Velvet has a fabulous bright red colour. This Christmas peony is grown by our growers in the southern hemisphere (Chile and New Zealand). It’s summer there when winter and Christmas are happening in the northern hemisphere. If you love red peonies, you can also get your fill throughout the rest of the year. Check out Red Charm, Red Grace, Belgravia, Old Faithful and Command Performance. You can find all our red peonies here.

Winter wonderland

If you’re thinking: that red looks lovely, but I prefer a white Christmas… Then nobody is stopping you from going to town with wintry white peonies like Duchesse de Nemours. Combine them with grey-green foliage such as Eucalyptus for a tranquil botanical mood in your Christmas interior. White peonies are also very good for bringing a fresh start to the new year. That’s something else to look forward to!


You can complete the festive Christmas mood with a red peony in your hair.


Bring a bouquet with red peonies when you visit family or friends. A beautifully wrapped bouquet makes a festive gift.

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