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The Language of Peonies

Coral Sunset
For centuries, peonies have been attributed with deep symbolic meanings. During the Victorian era, it was common to convey messages through flowers, and peonies held a special place in this "language of flowers." They were often associated with emotions and feelings, and their color played a crucial role in the message they conveyed.

Red: Love and Passion

The deep red peony symbolizes love and passion. It is a powerful expression of romantic feelings and is often chosen for weddings or anniversaries. A well-known red peony is the Red Charm. The Red Charm peony is one of the most popular red peonies, recognized for its deep red petals and lush, double flower form.

Pink: Delicate Love

Pink peonies represent a softer, more tender form of love. They can be given to show gratitude or admiration. A great choice for a pink peony is Sarah Bernhardt, one of the most iconic and beloved pink peonies in the world. This peony has beautiful, soft pink to light pink petals and is often praised for its delightful fragrance and elegant appearance.

White: Purity and New Beginnings

White peonies are symbols of purity and innocence. They are often associated with bridal bouquets and signify a new beginning. Duchesse de Nemours has pure white, lush petals and is known for its exquisite, delicate appearance. The name Duchesse de Nemours adds a touch of elegance to this flower.

Yellow: Friendship and Happiness

Yellow peonies represent friendship and happiness. They make a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one to express joy and positivity. One immediately thinks of Sunny Girl, a beautiful peony with soft yellow petals. This peony is known for its sunny and bright appearance and is often used in bouquets and arrangements to convey joy and positivity.

Orange or Coral: Enthusiasm and Energy

Orange peonies radiate enthusiasm and energy. They are ideal for encouraging someone or congratulating them. Coral Sunset is the most popular peony in the Coral family, and it’s not without reason. This peony variety has the thickest stems, the most foliage,  and the largest buds of all the Corals. Peonies from the Coral family are often used due to the orange color of the flowers, and Coral Sunset is the most orange of all the Corals.

Meaning in Each Flower

Each peony carries its unique meaning, and selecting the right color can transform a bouquet into a personal message. At My Peony Society, we understand the depth and significance behind these beautiful flowers, and we take pride in offering peonies in various colors so that you can convey the perfect message.

At My Peony Society, we go beyond just cultivating peonies; we cherish the symbolism and profound meanings they bear. Let our peonies convey your feelings and emotions in a special way, and allow the language of peonies to tell your story.

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