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Reine Hortense
Some of our peonies may well be a little older, but they are always hip and happening. What about Reine Hortense from 1857. It looks beautiful in modern bridal flower arrangements. Surprising right? Know your classics!

From Sarah Bernhardt to Louis van Houtte

The most widely grown peony – Sarah Bernhardt – is already a classic. It was discovered in 1906 by French breeder Monsieur Lemoine. Other peonies are much older, and there are some beauties among them, such as Louis van Houtte. This full-flowered peony was discovered as early as 1867 by the French breeder Calot, who is also credited with the bright pink Reine Hortense (1857).

Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt in the field

Snow white

Do you like whiter than white peonies? Then Madame Claude Tain is a classic that will appeal to you. This snow-white peony dates from 1927. Less known but just as impressive is Elsa Sass (1930): a bright white, lush full peony with a wonderful scent. And don’t miss this one either: Odile (1928), a white peony with a lilac centre. It sparkles in wedding bouquets, but also in large vases for events.

Paeonia Madame Claude Tain

Vintage lifestyle

The 1960s also produced some beautiful peonies. These are perfect for vintage lifestyle bouquets and wedding flower arrangements. Coral Charm (1964) and Coral Sunset (1965) are truly eye-catching. Both peonies were discovered by Samuel Wissing, who made a name for himself with colour-changing peonies. They change colour in the vase creating a magical effect. Dinner Plate (1968) is also still going strong. It is an incredible peony due to its large size. The colour of the huge full flowers – pink with a hint of lilac – makes it totally contemporary.

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