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Peonies with magical effects

Peonies come in beautiful colours and even with a colour transformation. These peonies change colour in the vase. Be amazed by the magical effect!

Coral Charm

Colour changing peonies start with flower buds in one colour. All that changes as soon as the flowers start to open. One of the most striking colour changing varieties is Coral Charm. It changes colour from coral to white – via cerise, orange and cream. This fascinating peony was discovered in 1964 by breeder Samuel Wissing.

Innovatie pioenen

Peonies that change colour

Coral Charm is the best-known peony with this magical effect, but our growers have many more colour changing peonies in the field. If you want to be surprised by the colour transformation, then don’t read any further!

Command Performance

From bright red to a dark orange that gets lighter: from salmon to peach to cream to white.


Coral Sunset

From orange to salmon to cream to white.


Paeonia Florence Nichols

Florence Nicholls

From light pink to snow white.


Paeonia Gardenia


From light pink to ivory white.



From cerise with an orange glow to a deeper orange, slowly fading to apricot, pink and cream.


Miss America

From soft pink to white.


Mother’s Choice

From ivory white to white with a light champagne glow.


Nick Shaylor

From pastel pink to light pink to all white.

Mix & match

A bouquet with only colour changing peonies is a sight to see in a vase. If you want to combine colour-changing peonies with other flowers, it is good to know in advance which colours to expect. Or you can just wait for a surprise!

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