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Peonies: in good shape

Peonies come in endless varieties. What colours, what scents and what flower shapes. From single flowered to lavishly filled and everything in between. Mix & match!

The more petals…

Most peonies have a generous number of petals. Our Bowl of Cream is an example of a fully filled peony. The sheer number of white petals makes the flowers look like cups full of whipped cream (which explains the name). Remember this classic for parties and events in the winter, such as a winter wedding.

Single flowered beauty

Now you might think that single-flowered peonies are boring, but that is far from true. With single-flowered peonies, the petals are arranged around a center with visible stamens (with double peonies, these are tucked away deep down). Flame is an example of a single-flowered beauty. This early peony has a cheerful appearance with its vivid pink petals and bright yellow stamens. Eye-catching in a beautiful hand-tied bouquet.

Flower art

The peonies with very artistic flower shapes are in a class of their own. How about White Cap? This peony boasts dark purple petals around a lush rounded heart in contrasting white. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it!


Create a mix of peonies in different colours and shapes in a large vase. Remarkably beautiful.

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