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Let the sun shine!

Bring the sun into your home with yellow peonies. These flowers radiate so much positive energy. They make you feel happy.

Yellow peonies?

Yellow is not the first colour that springs to mind when you think of peonies, but yellow peonies do exist. And how! From subtle soft yellow to deep buttercup yellow. From Claire de Lune (a soft yellow flower with striking yellow stamens) to Lemon Chiffon (a double flower with a summery look). Lemon Chiffon is only available for a very short time, so be quick if you want to enjoy its sparkle.

A hint of yellow

There are also plenty of peonies with a hint of yellow, such as Blush Queen, Top Brass and Canary Brilliants. And have you heard of Vanilla Schnapps? This beauty is the result of a cross between a light pink and a yellow peony. You can see that in a subtle yellow glow – as refreshing as a ray of sunlight on a gloomy day.

Pantone colour of 2021

Yellow is a cheerful, energetic and positive colour. And we can all use that. Yellow is also making a comeback in interior design. Illuminating yellow has even been named the Pantone colour of 2021. Yellow flowers can quickly and easily add a contemporary colour accent to your interior or (home) workplace.

Tip! A bouquet of soft yellow peonies looks very romantic; picture a bridal bouquet. If you want to cheer someone up, choose bright yellow flowers. A single yellow peony can also add that little bit of extra sparkle to your cut flower bouquet.

Good to know! Our Sunny Girl is not always yellow. When this variety is grown in an area with plenty of light, the flowers turn a light-yellow colour. When the weather is darker and colder, the yellow colour becomes darker, but it always has a sunny appearance. As a bonus, the outer petals develop a red flame.

View our complete collection of yellow peonies.

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