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Keeping your peonies in perfect shape

Verzorging pioenen
Enjoy our perfect peonies even longer, and make sure you keep your peonies in a vase healthy and happy. These tips will keep your bouquet of peonies fresh, fragrant and in excellent condition.

Slice, don’t cut

Slice – don’t cut – the stems at an angle. Gently push back the bud’s outer green covering and petals, so that the flowers have the biggest chance to open up completely.

Keep it cool

Put the peonies in a vase with cool water. Remove all foliage below water level. Peonies love a clean vase and fresh water.

Give it some space

Arrange according to your own personal style, solo or in a spectacular bouquet. Any vase will do, from hypermodern to rustic, so go crazy and experiment with different kinds. Just remember to leave ample room for the flowers to fully open.

Change the water daily

Change the water daily. Each time, add some flower food and trim the stem ends so that the flowers get all the energy they need to fully open up. (Don’t worry, every three to four days is fine too. But, like our growers, we aim for perfection!)

Enjoy the spectacle

Put the vase in a cool place, with natural light. Sit back, enjoy the spectacle!

For more tips, check out our FAQ!

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