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How Sebastian realized its dream through dedication, innovation, and environmental awareness

Sebastian Sauer
We take you to Germany where Sebastian Sauer, a familiar face at My Peony Society, owns a wonderful peony farm called Holzäcker Hof.

One of the biggest European Peony growers

Over the years, Holzäcker Hof has grown to become one of the largest peony growers in Europe, with 30 hectares of peony fields. But what truly sets the company apart is the 20 hectares of tunnels where the peonies are grown. This allows Holzäcker Hof to have full control over the climate through sensors and dashboards, with some tunnels even using soil heating to create the perfect conditions.


Holzäcker Hof


To ensure the quality of the peonies, Holzäcker Hof also has its own mechanical engineering. They have their own machines to optimize the garden and keep it weed-free without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

But it doesn’t stop there. The company also produces energy with biomass, which has become an important part of their business. And to be even more sustainable, Holzäcker Hof produces its own fertilizer. A mix of chicken, pig, and cow manure, along with herbs and grasses, is used as fertilizer.

Watering system for watering at the root

Don Peony

One of the most notable initiatives of Holzäcker Hof is Don Peony, their own brand of peonies. These plants are sold to local consumers and are of top quality. The company even has a show garden with more than 300 varieties of peonies, where complete tourist tours are given with buses and all. The plants in the show garden are used to learn which varieties thrive in the soil and climate of Holzäcker Hof.

The story of Holzäcker Hof is one of passion, dedication, and sustainability. Sebastian started with a dream and built it into one of the most admirable peony nurseries in Europe. Holzäcker Hof is a true inspiration for those who strive for sustainable and responsible agriculture.

My Peony Society visits Holzäcker Hof
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