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How to plant the perfect peonies

Paeonia Flame in the fields
Once you start growing peonies there's a very real chance you'll want to grow more varieties each year. But that's a risk we'll have to take. Put your gardening hat on, we're planting peonies!

When to plant

Autumn is the ideal season to plant peony bulbs. That’s when the peony plant is resting. Peonies enjoy cold winters, freezing temperatures will not affect its roots.

Find the sweet spot

A peony loves well-drained soil, that doesn’t trap water (the plant really dislikes wet roots). Full sun is great, a little bit of shade is fine too.

Have patience

The peony plant is a slow starter. But don’t worry, your patience will be rewarded. It usually takes her a year before she blooms, but then she keeps delivering spectacular blooms for two decades or more. Each year, the flowers increase in beauty and quality. Don’t cut too much during the first few years. Cut too much, and you may get fewer and smaller flowers.

More tips on how to grow the perfect peony? Check our FAQ!

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