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Catwalk art: Dinner Plate design

Dinner Plate BFF Dior
Fashion week in Paris is where the hottest looks are born and the not-so-cool are put to rest. It’s also where you meet your new best friend forever: an impeccably dressed statue made of thousands of peonies. Très chic!

Playful art

Cult artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly) created the oversized figure holding a Bobby bottle, a perfume bottle inspired by Christian Dior’s dog Bobby, as the centrepiece of Dior’s show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Brian: “I was doing all these smooth sculptures, and I really wanted to do something with texture. It’s playful and approachable!”

Fashion icon

During fashion week BFF is quite literally hard to overlook. The 10 metres tall cartoony figure towers over runway models and guests alike and quickly rises to fame on social media. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a selfie with this fashion icon?

Building BFF

It took a team of 100 craftsmen four days to construct BFF out of 70.000 flowers. Red roses for his suit and eyes, bright pink Dinner Plate peonies for his hands, feet and head. The latter, naturally, all supplied by My Peony Society. And as it turns out, haute couture heritage mixes well with artistic edginess: while BFF is undeniably odd, he’s also… perfectly awesome!

Runway natural

It’s easy to see why Brian went for Dinner Plate, a peony that’s sure to make a lasting impression due to its size and colour. It’s a runway natural! The outer petals are a deep lilac and have a fresh, satiny glow. In bloom, it will turn a slightly lighter hue. Dinner Plate is only available in late season, but definitely worth the wait.

Peonies by My Peony Society and Floral Charm

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