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Blooming Tales: Delta Peony - A Family's Passion for Colorful Peonies

Leendert and Erika Mastenbroek
Delta Peony is located in Sommelsdijk, a small village on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee in the southern part of the Netherlands. Due to its southern location, their peonies are relatively early in the season compared to peonies from North Holland. When the supply from France runs out, it often takes a few more weeks before the supply from North Holland arrives, creating a gap that Delta Peony can precisely fill. We recently visited there to admire the peonies, and they are ready for the peony season of 2023.
Delta Peony

Family business

Delta Peony is a true family business where the passion for flowers is ingrained from an early age. Visitors are warmly welcomed and taken on a tour by Leendert Mastenbroek, his wife Erika, and their twins. Leendert is a passionate craftsman, nurturing a deep love and dedication for the products he cultivates. Erika believes in peonies that open beautifully, personally inspecting each one, ensuring they meet her high standards before leaving the garden. The twins, Jaap and Joanna, have inherited their parents’ passion for the product, and their enthusiasm for peony cultivation shines through. Together, they have their own hectare of peonies. Walking through the garden with the family, one can feel the love for the product and the care and attention that goes into it. On a 6-hectare plot, not a single weed can be found, and every peony stands tall and proud. During the harvest, the entire family is involved in every aspect of the work. Every peony that goes to buyers must be of top quality, as each peony holds emotions and memories.

Jaap Mastenbroek


Delta Peony has carefully selected an extraordinary assortment of peonies, including many exclusive varieties that have been extensively planted. Not only are these peonies exclusive, but they can also be reliably supplied in significant quantities. Currently, they cultivate 6 hectares of peonies for flower production. They grow 35 different varieties, including Alertie, Bowl of Cream, Chiffon Parfait, Class Act, Command Performance, Etched Salmon, Many Happy Returns, Gardenia, Sarah Bernhardt, Red Sarah Bernhardt, Dr. Fleming, Duchesse de Nemours, Princess Bride, Sunny Girl, Belgravia, Coral Sunset, Bridal Grace, Fragrant Bouquet, Cedar Surprise, Colonel Owen Cousins, Sugar ‘N Spice, and Soft Salmon Saucer.

Delta Peony understands the essence of the floral industry: they produce peonies for artists who aim to convey a message. Peonies from Delta Peony must be earned, and it is the honorable task of My Peony Society to convey that message!

Leendert and Erika Mastenbroek
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