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Blooming Sustainability: My Peony Society's Innovative Export Boxes

Fower Box

With genuine pleasure, we share an exciting development within My Peony Society that not only reflects our dedication to the beauty of flowers but also underscores our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. Our pursuit of sustainability has led to a unique project that pushes the boundaries of innovation and responsibility: the creation of export boxes made from flower waste.

Driven by our desire to minimize our ecological footprint, we teamed up with Groot Packaging, a partner who shares our passion. After intensive research, they found a mid-sized factory that, in collaboration with Groot Packaging and My Peony Society, produces cardboard with a special composition of flower waste and paper. And here’s the pride – the first 100 boxes are even subsidized!

What makes these boxes so special? Each box is a masterpiece of natural elements and craftsmanship. With a perfect balance of 1 kilogram of flower waste to 1 kilogram of paper, each box contains 125 grams of fresh flower waste. The layers of corrugated cardboard provide strength, while the top layer, made from flower waste, gives the box a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond these beautiful boxes. In the near future, we aim to produce the entire box from cardboard with flower waste. After use, the boxes can easily be deposited with old paper, where they get a second life. Although we are still working on the exact cost per box, it is certain that its value surpasses the financial investment – it’s an investment in a greener future.

And this is just the beginning. Our vision encompasses not only flower waste but extends to the waste from our peonies. All we need is clean waste – no plastic, no elastic bands, and so forth.

With these innovative export boxes, we not only aim to protect our flowers during transportation but also to inspire others. Let’s embrace blooming sustainability together, cherish every petal of waste, and make the world a bit greener. My Peony Society invites you to be part of this green revolution and together create a positive impact on our planet.

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