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3 stunning peonies for events

From weddings to business events. You really want to make an impact on occasions like these. With peonies, you can! Meet three large peonies that are grown specially for special occasions.

Command Performance: bright red with colour changing effect

The bright red colour makes this peony truly eye-catching. Command Performance is also one of the largest peonies around; the luxuriant double flowers grow to over 20 cm. Use them in full flower to create an amazing wow effect. Tip: give the flowers to your guests after the event. Command Performance looks impressive in the vase with its colour changing effect: the flower turns from red to orange to creamy white. Unforgettable!

Colonel Owen Cousins: trendy copper glow

For a very trendy look, Colonel Owen Cousins is the perfect choice. This lavishly filled peony grabs attention because of its special colouring: white with a copper-coloured glow. Just like Command Performance, this peony undergoes a metamorphosis: its copper glow spreads through the flower. How special is that! The flower buds are almost as big as a tennis ball. So you can imagine what happens when they unfold. Colonel Owen Cousins is a great flower in every sense of the word.

Dinner Plate: large & exclusive

Dinner Plate will also blow you away with its strikingly large flowers. This peony is beautiful in a grand bouquet at the entrance to your party venue, or as a single flower on the dinner table. The colour is just as impressive as the size: the flowers are pink with a hint of lilac pink on the outer petals. A satiny glow covers the entire flower, adding to its festive appearance. Chances are that your guests have never seen this flower before because Dinner Plate is still quite exclusive.

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