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3 peonies for the romantic bride-to-be!

Are you making wedding plans? And do you have a romantic wedding in mind? Then you can't beat peonies, especially the luscious full varieties. To give you some inspiration, we have selected three beauties for the romantic bride-to-be. Worth swooning over!

Paeonia Gardenia

Gardenia: like a rose

A fragrant peony that flowers in the shape of a rose. How romantic is that! Gardenia has an opulent appearance thanks to its generously filled flowers. The colours of the petals blend from ivory white to light pink. This effect is called blush. You can’t take your eyes off it! Gardenia is readily available throughout the year thanks to our growers all over the world. It’s always peony season somewhere.

Madame Claude Tain: radiant white

Madame Claude Tain is a beloved wedding flower due to its radiant white colour. This luscious full peony is beautiful in a wedding bouquet with only peonies. It has a very fresh, calm and romantic look. If you prefer a little more colour, combine this radiant white peony with soft pastels. With Madame Claude Tain in your wedding bouquet, you’ll also enjoy a floral scent reminiscent of lily of the valley on your wedding day.

Pastelegance: subtly scented

If you want a very exclusive flower, choose Pastelegance. The flowers of this wonderful peony reveal different colours from creamy white to soft orange pink. These beautiful flowers exude a subtle floral scent. Once you’ve set your sights on Pastelegance, don’t wait. Your flower stylist should order this peony on time as they are available in small quantities. If you do manage to get hold of Pastelegance for your wedding bouquet, you can be sure you are holding something special in your hands!

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