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Why do peonies in the vase sometimes not fully open?

Unfortunately, many peonies are (still) harvested too early. Peonies that are harvested too early do not open because they simply do not have the energy to reach maturity. When you buy peonies, make sure that the buds feel soft and the colour is clear and visible. Peonies that are more open are often even longer in the vase than peonies that are too raw.

My Peony Society makes cutting peonies (harvesting) a true art. Our growers are professionals and cut the peonies at the right time. Out of love for the perfect peony, we go very far to ensure that our peonies always bloom beautifully in the vase. If your peonies do not open properly then we dare to bet that they have not been bred by one of our growers.

We are so confident, we give you a ‘full bloom guarantee’.