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The first season

Sander Veldboer ended up growing peonies ‘by accident’, you might say. His first season resulted in fantastic flowers, and a lastig passion for the peony. Here’s how it happened.

Crash course

Sander Veldboer took over the family business from his parents in 2020. It is his first year “in the peonies”. Sander: “It’s been a crash course, but it was great fun. We were immediately enthusiastic about peonies. It’s a wonderful flower to cultivate, and a real challenge for us as bulb growers. We have now had a fantastic season, so we want more!”


Sander’s grandfather started a nursery in Ursem in 1953, where he grew tulips and irises. In 1970 the company moved to the Wieringermeer. Gradually the focus shifted to tulips, irises and lilies. In 1997 Sander’s parents took over. They moved in 1999 to Wilbertoord. And now, Sander is the official owner of the family business. He started his career in peonies by renting 15 acres of peonies.

New varieties

Sander has four phenomenal land varieties: Coral Sunset, Red Sarah Bernhardt, Sarah Bernhardt and Jacorma. Sander: “We’re excited about it, and would like to expand. I’m sure we will plant new varieties in the near future!”

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