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Three brothers, one vision

At Valentinfleurs, the three Valentin brothers stand as one behind their product; their beloved peony. Cultivated in a natural way beneath the south French sun.


Although their roots lie in the Netherlands, the brothers Richard, Daniel and Sebastian have been living in Hyeres, a coastal town in the south of France, since 1979. Their parents started a flower nursery which they took over in 2002. They rejuvenated the family business and invested in innovative technologies, such as a hypermodern greenhouse system and an Olimex sorting machine. This machine employs various camera and laser techniques to sort flowers on bud size, length and numbers.

Richard Valentin in the peonyfields


The first peonies were planted in 2006 and since then, Valentinfleurs have expanded the planting area every year. At the moment, they cultivate 9000 m2 of peonies in greenhouses and 4 hectares on open field, part of which is grown under tunnels. Currently, the nursery cultivates 15 different peony varieties and there are plans to expand the range.

Paeonia Madame Claude Tain grower

So voluminous

The Valentin brothers carefully choose with varieties they want to cultivate. They believe in a wide assortment, both in colours and blooming time, with varieties that are distinctive and exclusive. The peonies grow extra large, thanks to the powerful south French Sun, which makes already voluminous varieties even more voluminous; Madame Claude Tain (as big as tennis balls), Reine Hortense (80 cm long), Lemon Chiffon and Pink Vanguard are examples of the very distinctive varieties you will find at Valentinfleurs. But varieties like Coral Sunset, Bowl of Cream, Sarah Bernhardt and Duchesse de Nemours are also grown here.

The power of nature

The Valentin brothers believe in the power of natural cultivation. That’s why they use as little chemical fertilisers and pesticides as possible. They invest in the soil, bees and other insects that will make their peonies grow stronger and bigger. The peonies are harvested by hand on bud size, leaving enough leaves on them so they can grow sturdy flowers the following year.

Valentinfleurs is a wonderful nursery full of ideas and ambitions, and is a real asset to My Peony Society. We’re looking forward to a fantastic collaboration!

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